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In this series, we’ll talk about the issues that make our families feel like a reality show. As we look at one of the Bible’s most famously fractured families, we’ll see how God can use every family for His good—even ours.

Week 1 Bottom Line: God can use a fractured family. While we’d all like to picture our families like the ones in sweet, wholesome TV shows, the truth is, most of our families are more likely to be the stars of a reality show! And sometimes we think the dysfunction might disqualify our families from being used by God. But God doesn’t think so. In fact, just as He used one of the most dysfunctional families in the Bible, God can use any fractured family . . . even ours.

Week 2 Bottom Line: Focus on fixing you. Every family has a climate—a mood you can feel almost right when you walk in the door. Have you ever stopped to consider how you might be contributing to it? While we don’t always have the power to change the climate in our homes, we do have the power to change what we bring to them. As Paul shows us this week, it all starts by focusing first on fixing ourselves.

Week 3 Bottom Line: Family is forever. Sometimes we tend to see our families as temporary—something we can’t wait to escape when we graduate. But no matter how far you go or how much time goes by, you can’t change the fact that ultimately, family is forever. As we look back at the story of Jacob and Esau, we’ll see that when we begin to embrace our families as forever, we can choose to be the ones who impact the future of our families for good.

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